Return Policy

1. As Vrihatastro offers astrology predictions, we are unable to promise a refund for the service.

2. We charge for consultation and astrological predictions after delivering the desired service to you. Vrihatastro will not be liable for any refund.

3. If you purchase the wrong service by your mistake, we cannot refund that service.

4. Vrihatastro is not liable to refund if you lose money due to your bank or payment system faults.

5. Vrihatastro provides a secure payment system. Still, if you face any error in the payment process due to Vrihatastro's payment system failure, we will give full customer support to resolve the issue.

6. If you get any issue regarding payment and service, you should contact our customer care.

7. We will provide an online invoice and mail confirmation of payment with order details. Customers will get the same service written in the invoice.

8. In case if a client needs different services, they have to buy them separately.

9. Do not share your payment details like PIN or OTP with anyone. Our executives will never ask for OTP or Card PIN.

10. If you share personal payment details with anyone and lose your money, is not liable for a refund.

11. Vrihatastro payment system may add service tax added to the price mentioned on site.

12. will disclose accurate tax details or other fee details [ if applicable] on your screen while proceeding to pay.

13. Any security breach in your bank payment system or your local device is not the liability of Please make sure your device is secure to make online payments.

14. We are only liable to take responsibility for the security breach on our side.